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There is no charge for collection and delivery for walks, or travelling time for visits

Complimentary treats, if allowed, are 100% natural and organic

Dogs are watered throughout, and after, their walks

Poo bags are provided and are biodegradable

Towels, for muddy paws, are supplied and dogs are returned as clean and dry as is possible

If you'd like to recieve a free text after your dog's walk or visit, just ask!




Walking Options:

Group Walk
If your dog is well socialized and loves the company of others, he or she will probably enjoy a Group Walk to play and interact with like-minded dogs. Group Walks are limited to a maximum of six dogs at a time.

One to One

Some dogs are at their best when their only park-mate is their human companion. If your dog prefers being walked on his or her own, then One to One is the service your dog would choose.

Dogs will be walked on a lead at all times and will only be allowed off-lead with your consent, and upon signed agreement.

Please note, that adult dogs must be neutered to be eligible for either of the above walks


Stuck at work? Train home cancelled? Fancy accepting that after work drink with colleagues? Any of these can be a problem for dog owners. When you find yourself facing such dilemma's, simply call at short notice for the Rapid Response Service and your dog will be given a comfort break, followed by supper and cuddles, to bridge the gap until you get home. If required, I'll put the lights on and draw the curtains before leaving.

Care Visits are ideal for elderly dogs, or for dogs of any age, during convalescence following illness or surgery. Your dog will have a comfort break or short stroll (as applicable), company, a feed and a big cuddle. Medication can be admisinstered, if required.


 If your puppy is going through his or her vaccination programme and unable to go for park walks,  a home visit for a comfort break, socialization, feeding and play, is just what your pup needs. During your Puppy Visit, any in-house “accidents” will be dealt with and your pup will be left contented and ready for an afternoon nap.


For those times when you can't get to the Vet for a routine procedure, such as an annual vaccination, I can take your dog to your local surgery, before or after his or her walk, or even as a stand alone service.  A collection service is also available, to pick up your dog's regular medicines from your Vet and deliver them to your door.

Anything that might help you, such as picking up your post, turning lights on or off etc., are included in your chosen service, so just let me know what you need.




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