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Paws at the Palace is more than just a dog walking or cat sitting service, it is a bespoke animal care service that takes into account the individual personality and needs of your pet.
I grew up with dogs, cats, rabbits, budgies and goldfish and my life has been all the richer for it. I believe the relationships we forge with animals is one of life's greatest luxuries.
Given that animals have always played such an important role in my life, I understand all too well the anxieties that can arise when you have to leave them and the difficulties you may face when entrusting their care to others. If you juggle a busy career and a laborious commute along with the general demands of life, the welfare of your pet can cause a lot of stress. Perhaps your dog needs a good walk during the day, or maybe you have a new pup that needs socializing and regular feeds. If your dog or cat is a senior citizen, he or she might just want a comfort break, (or clean litter tray) some company and plenty of cuddles, or, if your pet is recovering from illness, knowing that someone is keeping an eye on them can be immensely reassuring. 
So that's why I started Paws at the Palace; to be there when you can't. 
I worked in the veterinary profession as a nurse for well over a decade before making a career change, and now, nearly thirty years later, I have returned to my first love of working with animals. Having owned a number of rescue dogs, I can relate to the nervous and insecure, as well as the bold and headstrong (and of course, those sensible and balanced ones inbetween). I have had all manner of cats, from shy little strays that have adopted me, through to regal and authoritive characters that rule the roost (or so they believe), and I will take the time and care to get to know and understand your pet, whether you use a service regularly, or just occasionally.

I have specialist animal insurance with Cliverton Insurers and this covers not only your pet, but loss of house keys and replacement locks; certification available upon request.

I hold a dog walking licence, permitting me to walk up to six dogs at a time.

Discretion and Security:

Your keys will be identifiied by a number only, and neither your name or address will be attached to them. When not in use, they will be secured in a locked box. 
My vehicle is fitted with both cages and safety harnesses, so your dog can travel in the manner to which he or she is most accustomed to and relaxed with.

I am CRB checked; certification available upon  request.

I am fully trained in Pet First Aid (click on the link below (1) to view certification), and carry an animal First Aid Kit at all times.

Click on the link below (2) to view a character reference from Mark C Nelson, BVMS MRCVS

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