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There is no charge for travelling time to and from visits


If you would like a free text after your visit, just ask!





Many cats find travelling stressful, and spending time in a cattery can be a very unsettling experience for them. So whether you're planning a short weekend break or your summer holiday, twice daily Cat Sitting visits ensure that your cat is cared for, comfortable and content, in his or her own environment.


Even if you're not going on holiday, there are many reasons why your cat would choose a Cat Sitting visit. If your work or daily routine means long hours away from home, your cat may want a feed, clean litter tray and cuddles, and if you have a new kitten, they would love a Kitten Care visit for some stimulating play and entertainment and of course, their lunch! 


Whatever the reason, Cat Sitting visits ensure that your cat is a happy cat.



If your cat is elderley or recovering from illness or surgery, he or she may need more care and attention than usual such as extra feeds, clean bedding and litter tray, or simply to sit and be cuddled and fussed. Care Visits can be regular or ad-hock, to fill in the gaps when you can't be there. Medication can be administered, if required.




For those times when you can't get to the Vet, for a routine procedure such as an annual vaccination, I'll take your cat to your local surgery for you and settle him or her back home on return. Cat carrier supplied, if required. A collection service is also available to pick up regular medication from your Vet and deliver it to your door.




Anything that might be of help you, such as picking up the post, turning lights on, drawing the curtains, and, if you are away for a few days, watering the plants,  are all part of your chosen service so just let me know what you need. 












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